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December 2018 Archives

Probate litigation may be warranted if executor breaches duty

Settling a recently-deceased person's estate is a complicated affair. The executor plays the biggest role in handling the necessary obligations associated with probate, and because of this, many heirs or beneficiaries may feel out of the loop. However, they may notice that the executor has not acted properly and could feel that probate litigation is necessary.

Types of commercial real estate for investors to consider

The idea of investing in commercial property in New York may intrigue many people. Whether wanting to invest domestically or from a foreign country, it is important that individuals new to this industry understand how to get started. One step they may want to take is to decide the type of commercial real estate they want to invest in.

Tips for real estate investments in 2019

With the new year fast approaching, many individuals want to get their financial ventures off to a good start. In particular, individuals looking to make real estate investments, especially those just entering this field, will want to set themselves up for success in the coming year. Fortunately, New York residents can do that in a number of ways.

Feeling cheated, jealousy could lead to probate litigation

Sibling rivalry is common in many New York families. For some, the disputes may only present themselves as small bouts of jealousy, but for others, the conflicts can be so severe that legal action is necessary to resolve them. After the death of a parent, fighting among siblings could easily lead to probate litigation.

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