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Resolving Disputes Through Private Dispute Resolution

Legal issues are often both time-sensitive and resource-intensive. Whether you are contesting a will or disputing a business contract, your case requires decisive action and discretion best achieved by working with an experienced law firm.

At Busson & Sikorski, PC Attorneys at Law, our attorneys are among New York’s leaders, and we offer support nationwide. Our attorneys leverage over 80 years of combined experience with an innovative, personalized approach to legal problem-solving to offer you the best outcomes possible. Schedule an appointment today.

Dispute Resolution Methods That May Work For Your Needs

There are three primary methods of dispute resolution in the United States. Most commonly known is the litigation process, wherein parties go into a courtroom and make their case before a judge, and the judge determines the outcome.

The less well-known options include mediation and arbitration. Both mediation and arbitration take dispute resolution outside of the courtroom. In mediation, the parties and their representatives come together privately to discuss their dispute and come to a legal resolution that satisfies both parties. Mediation is not binding, and you retain the right to litigation. Arbitration is functionally similar to mediation but uses a neutral third-party arbitrator who can determine a solution you are then obligated to follow.

Regardless Of The Method, Your Legal Representation Makes A Difference

In all disputes, you should prioritize working with experienced, capable attorneys who can represent you well and protect your interests. To speak more with us about our practice, request a free 30-minute consultation at 646-561-9099.