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June 2018 Archives

TV gives unrealistic expectations for real estate transactions

Buying a new home can be an exciting time in a New York resident's life. Of course, there are many aspects that go into home buying, like viewing homes, getting finances in order and a lot of paperwork. Some individuals may even watch a bit too much television and believe that real estate transactions will be a breeze.

Carefully examine your estate plan during divorce

Major life events, such as the passing of a loved one or the addition of a child to your family, often impact every area of your life. Not only does the dynamic of your family change, but the simplest things, such as morning routines and holiday traditions, may take on new meaning after someone comes into your life or leaves. Many people do not realize that their estate plans also face impacts after major life changes.

Will contests could stem from concerns over document validity

Simply because a person is slightly disgruntled with the outcomes of property distribution after a loved one's death, it does not necessarily mean that he or she needs to take legal action. However, if there is real reason to believe that certain documents should not be considered valid, individuals may choose to carry out will contests. Before doing so, New York residents may want to closely consider their reasons.

Estranged families may face probate litigation

Families can bring about a lot of love and animosity. Some people may truly love everyone in their families while others have become estranged over the years. While the latter arrangement may keep arguments at bay as long as family members stay away from each other, issues could arise in the event of a death in the family. Even estranged individuals in New York may feel that they are entitled to some inheritance, and probate litigation could ensue if documents do not reflect that idea.

If a parent died without a will…

Unfortunately, too many people don’t take estate planning seriously. They assume they’ll “get to it tomorrow,” and then tomorrow never comes. These same people, if they have children or surviving family members, will leave those heirs dealing with the possibility of a lengthy probate proceeding or litigation.

The future of smart technology in commercial real estate

We have written a number of posts on the fundamentals of real estate investment in New York City. Essentially, the means of creating new out of old can take many different forms and technology continues to play a major role in current and future developments. Smart technology continues to be an important amenity given how residential and commercial real estate tenants appreciate keyless entry, updated security features and voice controlled features that personify 21st century living.

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