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Types of commercial real estate for investors to consider

On Behalf of | Dec 20, 2018 | Commercial Real Estate |

The idea of investing in commercial property in New York may intrigue many people. Whether wanting to invest domestically or from a foreign country, it is important that individuals new to this industry understand how to get started. One step they may want to take is to decide the type of commercial real estate they want to invest in.

If individuals are interested in retail, they may consider investing in a variety of specific properties. Some of those properties may include grocery stores, malls, storefronts or specialty retail stores. Potential investors leaning in this direction may also want to consider restaurants or pub-style properties. There are also less thought of types of commercial real estate that may interest those looking to invest such as gas stations, self-storage facilities and hotels.

Investors may also be interested in other types of property such as office buildings. This could include a single office space, multi-building space or a high-rise office building. Office buildings may also come with beneficial lease agreements depending on the type of building and lease utilized, which may play into an investor’s decision.

Of course, there are several other types of commercial real estate that potential investors may want to explore. Finding the right type could be the first step in starting a lucrative real estate career. Before making any steps, it is wise for individuals interested in New York real estate to take the legal aspects of investing into account. Consulting with experienced attorneys could help interested parties understand how legal factors may affect their investments.