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What You Should Know About Contesting Wills Across National Borders

Insufficient. Out-of-date. Contradictory. Uncharacteristic of the decedent. Any of these descriptors can be a reason to contest a will. Will contests can be difficult to manage in the best of circumstances, but distance – especially when that distance is a national border – can cause additional complications many firms are unprepared to manage.

At Busson & Sikorski, PC Attorneys at Law, our firm has been handling international estate plan concerns for over 45 years. As you work with our attorneys, you will have access to legal resources and experienced representation that minimizes unnecessary complications and takes the stress of will contests off your shoulders. Free initial consultations are available.

What To Expect When Challenging A Will

There are many reasons that a will may no longer be applicable to an estate, and the burdens of proving this from abroad can be overwhelming and logistically complex. Our firm collects evidence and makes a clear case to showcase instances of:

  • Insufficient testamentary capacity, where the decedent created a will when they were mentally incapable of doing so
  • Undue influence, where one person emotionally of mentally manipulates the decedent to change their will
  • Invalid wills, where more than one will exists or when the circumstances required for the will do not exist

At Busson & Sikorski, PC Attorneys at Law, we take much of the uncertainty out of an international will dispute through our clear communication, effective service and decades of experience.

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