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For Estate Planning, Estate Administration And Disputes

Trusted Legal Guidance In Estate Administration

Being named as an executor can be a challenging experience. You may be honored to have been chosen to take on such a responsibility for your loved one who has passed. However, acting as an executor is something most people have not done before, and it involves a wide range of complex tasks that most people require guidance on.

There may be a will, there may not be. The estate may be fairly straightforward or it may be very complex with numerous issues that need to be resolved. We can take care of all of the relevant issues for you, including:

  • Creating an inventory of the estate
  • Will probate
  • Administration of the estate
  • Paying creditors and taxes
  • Distributing assets
  • Selling estate property
  • Location of heirs if necessary

US Counsel Assisting Foreigners With Probate, Estate Administration And Administration Of Ancillary Probate

For people from outside of the state or from other countries, serving as an executor or simply ensuring your best interests in an estate are protected here in the U.S. can be an extremely complicated matter. We have extensive experience serving the needs of people from outside of the area and outside of the U.S.

More Than 44 Years Of Experience With Probate And Estate Administration

At Busson & Sikorski, PC, our firm has the decades of experience necessary to be able to handle your probate and estate administration needs whether you are here in the New York City metropolitan area, in another state or are abroad. Our lawyers understand that your matters deserve to be well-handled to ensure that all matters are taken care of in a timely fashion and that any possible conflicts are avoided.

Probate Attorneys Serving Clients In New York, Across The US And Abroad

We offer people the experienced guidance they need when they are facing the probate or administration of a loved one’s estate. Turn to Busson & Sikorski, PC to request a free 30- minute consultation, call 646-561-9099 or contact us online.