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For Estate Planning, Estate Administration And Disputes

Assertive Representation In Estate Disputes

After someone dies, there is always a potential for long-simmering tensions to erupt into conflicts. Even if there is no tension, different people may have different ideas about the will, who deserves a share of the estate or how the estate is administered. Further, situations, where no will at all is present, create an almost endless number of possible disputes.

Litigating estate-related disputes can be costly and take a very long time if the cases are not handled properly. This makes it imperative that you work with a law firm that understands how to fight to protect your best interests. The lawyers of Busson & Sikorski, P.C., have that experience.

We offer skilled assistance with:

  • Will contests Is there a problem with the will? Is there a challenge to the will by another heir? We are strong advocates who can help protect your best interests when there is a disputed will.
  • Kinship contests Have you been wrongly excluded as an heir? What is a proper share of the estate for the various heirs? Resolving kinship disputes can require in-depth investigations. We have extensive experience resolving these issues.
  • Accounting disputes Have the finances of the estate been handled properly? We can help you investigate any possible accounting issues and hold the responsible parties accountable for the errors.

More Than 44 Years Of Estate Litigation Experience

At Busson & Sikorski, PC, our firm is able to offer our clients the highly effective and assertive representation they can rely on to secure the best possible outcomes to estate-related disputes. Our decades of experience in estate planning and litigation give us an advantage when these types of issues are being fought over. We use our extensive background and skill to protect our clients’ best interests in the most complex disputes.

Estate Litigation Attorneys Serving Clients In New York, Across The US And Abroad

For representation that can protect your best interests when there is a conflict regarding an estate, turn to Busson & Sikorski, PC to request a free 30-minute consultation, call 646-561-9099 or contact us online.