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FAQs about probate in NY

Few people want to think about losing a loved one, which deters conversations about estate planning. However, knowing what to expect when someone passes is vital, especially when they have a sizeable estate to settle. Probate is a common element in estate settling....

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What is ancillary probate?

What do you do when a loved one who lives in another state dies but owned a home or tangible personal property in New York State? How do you settle the estate, especially if there is no will? Once an initial probate filing is made in the state where they live, you...

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Can you avoid ancillary probate?

If a person who dies owns property in a state other than the state that person lived in, the estate may need to go through an additional probate proceeding known as ancillary probate. Because the probate process can not finish until all ancillary proceedings finish,...

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