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What Questions Are Part Of A Kinship Contest?

When there is no will, the court will not distribute assets until heirs have proven their relationship to the decedent. Anyone who wants to assert a relationship and pursue a share of the estate needs to provide evidence that he or she is related to the person who has died.

These situations can be very complicated. There may be people claiming to be heirs that no one in the family was aware of. Once the pool of established heirs is acknowledged by the court, the question will become what share of the estate each heir is entitled to. The answer to that question will hinge on the number of heirs among other factors.

Even for relatives with clear relationships with the decedent, there is still a need to present evidence of the relationship. We know what the courts look for in terms of evidence. We can build a strong case based on a wide range of documentary evidence and oral testimony.

Failure to present a strong case will mean that your share and possibly the entire estate will escheat to the government.

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At Busson & Sikorski, PC, our firm has the decades of experience necessary to help you fight for your fair share of your deceased relative’s estate. The absence of a will is not necessarily the determining factor in how your loved one’s estate will be disbursed. We can pull together all of the evidence the court will need to secure your share of the estate. We also offer our services to people from other countries who need local counsel as well as people in our area with kinship issues in other states and countries.

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