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Plan Ahead With Powers Of Attorney

A truly effective estate plan does not just address what happens after you are gone, it also addresses what your needs might be as you grow older. Building that type of focus into your estate plan is a step everyone should take.

There are estate planning instruments that can help you have plan for potentially terrible events such as if you were to become incapacitated. If, even for a short amount of time, you were unable to make decisions about your health care or your finances, what would you do?

These instruments can allow you to choose people you trust and empower them to make choices for you. They also allow you to clearly communicate your wishes.

Powers Of Attorney

A power of attorney can be used to grant decision-making power to another person. That power can be written so as to transfer once a particular event happens such as incapacity. That person can make financial decisions for you. They can pay bills, maintain insurance and take other actions that may be necessary for you.

Health Care Proxies

A health care proxy is similar to a living will with the added advantage of allowing you to name someone as your health care agent. That person will be able to make health care choices for you if you are incapacitated. Having someone who knows you and what you would want in various situations can give you great peace of mind.

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At Busson & Sikorski, PC Attorneys at Law, we are committed to helping people address all of their estate planning needs, including helping them prepare for eventualities such as needing someone to take care of their finances and health care decisions. The decades of experience our attorneys have to offer allows us to understand how to take the greatest advantage of the many different estate planning tools to create a tailored and comprehensive estate plan for them.

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