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File For Guardianship Smoothly And Responsibly

One of the most agonizing decisions you may need to make about your loved ones is the decision to file for guardianship or conservatorship. The reality for many families is that age slowly leads to incapacity. If so, your older loved ones will need you to step in and provide for their care.

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When Is Guardianship Appropriate?

Guardianship is a legal tool that gives a person or group of people legal authority over another person’s life, and, understandably the courts take this very seriously. Most people are familiar with guardianship for children. It also is an option for adults who cannot care for themselves, either because of an intellectual disability, mental illness, infirmity or another reason.

The court requires extensive evidence, including medical documentation, to show that a person should be placed under guardianship. They also require evidence that the proposed guardian will be responsible and provide for the vulnerable person’s best interests. This is particularly important because a guardian often has control over the individual’s property and money.

Take Care Of Your Vulnerable Loved Ones

It is normal to be unsure if guardianship is the right next step. You can ask questions and get more information at your free 30-minute consultation. Call 646-561-9099 to schedule yours.