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Strong Advocates To Protect Your Interests When There Is A Will Contest

Anytime a will is being carried out, it will come under closer scrutiny than it has before. Deficiencies and irregularities that were not known before can become apparent. If you are aware of problems with someone’s will that you have an interest in, we can help you delve into the matter, investigate it appropriately and take all necessary action to protect your best interests.

Some common bases on which one can challenge a will include:

  • Incapacity The testator was mentally incapacitated by mental illness, drugs, alcohol or some other factor that prevented him or her from fully understanding what he or she was doing at the time.
  • Undue influence Someone may have used his or her relationship with the testator to persuade him or her to make choices that he or she would not have normally made.
  • Invalidity The law has certain requirements for a will to be deemed legally valid. If those requirements were not met, the will and its terms are not valid.
  • Fraud If the will is based on false statements made to and meant to mislead the testator, the will may be found to be invalid.

Do You Need To Defend Against A Will Challenge?

Is someone trying to take advantage of a difficult situation for their own benefit by challenging a valid will? We offer a sound defense for those wishing to refute allegations that a will is invalid.

More Than 44 Years Of Will Contest Experience

At Busson & Sikorski, PC, we bring together a set of experience and skill that is focused on estate-related matters. That skill set and body of experience allow us to offer our clients highly effective advocacy that is very capable of delivering the best possible outcomes for them when a will is in dispute. Our team of lawyers is committed to providing you with the skilled litigation assistance you need when a will contest is unavoidable.

Will Contest Attorneys Serving Clients In New York, Across The US And Abroad

When there are issues that need to be resolved regarding a will and litigation is the best path forward, turn to Busson & Sikorski, PC to request a free 30-minute consultation, call 646-561-9099 or contact us online.