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What are potential problems with older homes?

On Behalf of | Dec 28, 2022 | Blog, Real Estate Law |

The Boston area has old and beautiful architecture, with some homes dating back to the 1800s.

While you may feel tempted to buy one of these properties, it is important to know that older homes always come with extra problems.

Psychologically impacted properties

The first potential issue involves the psychological impact. Massachusetts state legislature discusses psychologically impacted properties. In short, this refers to the history of the property and whether or not suicides, felonies or homicides happened on it. This also includes allegations of supernatural phenomena or problems. Sellers do not have to disclose this information, but it is good to research and ask about it anyway.

Heating troubles

Next, there are almost always heating problems. New England winters are freezing, and old homes have old heat systems that cost a lot of money to run. The insulation in these homes is not great either, leading to heat loss.

Dangerous building materials

Lead paint is also a big issue in some older houses. Make sure to have a certified lead paint inspector take a look before making a purchase, ensuring that your old home is not riddled with dangerous, toxic paints.

Crumbling foundations

Finally, prepare to face foundational issues. The older a building is, the more problems it will likely have with its foundation or structure. This is why a home inspection is crucial before buying a home, as this can unveil costly issues that could potentially rack up thousands of dollars in repairs.

By keeping these issues in mind, you can peruse through the older properties on sale with a stronger peace of mind.