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What steps do I have to take to hire immigrants?

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2022 | Business Law |

If you feel that you need to tap into a larger pool of workers to fill vacancies at your company, you may want to consider hiring immigrants.

To do this, you must follow all applicable laws and complete all required steps. Hiring an immigrant without complying with the law could open you to civil and criminal penalties.

Certification explains that you may need to get certification through the U.S. Department of Labor that will allow you to hire immigrants. You will have to explain why you need the workers and prove that you can provide adequate employment. The DOL may also have specific requirements you must meet to get the certification.


Workers coming into the U.S. from foreign countries will need to acquire work visas. You will likely need to act as a sponsor for the employees you wish to hire. A visa allows the person to legally work in the country. If you hire workers who do not have the proper visas, you could get into legal trouble.

Keep in mind

After hiring immigrants as employees, they will gain all the rights and responsibilities of an employee that is a citizen. This means you must pay taxes for them, and they must pay taxes. You also have to apply all employment laws to them, including ensuring you abide by safety and wage and hour laws.

While hiring immigrants may require more work than hiring within the U.S., if the labor market cannot offer what you need, it can be a good alternative. Just make sure you complete all required steps to avoid issues.