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Probate litigation possible after woman learns of mother’s deceit

On Behalf of | Nov 19, 2018 | Probate |

Family relationships are often complicated. Though people may have a profound love for their family members, they may make decisions that have negative impacts on those family members’ lives. In some cases, parties may find out that deceased loved ones’ choices severely altered their lives and could wonder whether they could pursue probate litigation.

New York residents may be interested in this type of case affecting a woman in another state. Reports indicated that at the age of 18, the woman had received a letter offering her full college tuition if she attended a university in another country. The offer came about due to the woman’s talents in learning and speaking French, and if accepted, the offer could have led to a career using the French language. However, the woman’s mother opened the letter, declined the offer and never told her daughter.

After her mother’s recent passing, the woman found out about the offer and her mother’s rejection after reading her mother’s diary. The mother’s estate left the majority of her assets to her grandchildren and an animal shelter, and the woman now hopes to obtain a portion of the estate in order to study in France, which she missed out on when she was younger due to her mother’s decision. The woman could file a claim against the estate as a creditor in hopes of obtaining the money, and if that does not work, she could take further legal action against the estate.

As this case shows, a decision made by a now-deceased loved one could easily affect a person’s path in life. If New York residents face similar predicaments, they may also wonder whether taking action against the estate could have the desired outcome. Consulting with knowledgeable attorneys may allow them to obtain information on probate litigation for their particular cases.