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Future amenities for senior living centers

On Behalf of | Apr 4, 2018 | Real Estate Law |

In prior posts we have highlighted what the increase in demand for senior living facilities may look like in the future, as the number of senior citizens is poised to grow at least 60 million within the next 20 years. With that, buildings for senior citizens will have to include amenities such as “smart” systems that are energy efficient and can monitor a resident’s health readings. They may also require cybersecurity systems and handicap access, to name a few.

But the overriding question is how developers will accommodate so many senior citizens who may need or desire this type of housing. After all, assisted living centers are prohibitively expensive for so many Americans, and they may be unfortunately isolated, thus prevented able senior citizens from maximizing their lives.

Because of this, a recent report highlighted how development of senior living centers may change.

Including skilled care workers – By providing affordable living spaces for skilled health care and home care workers in close proximity to senior living centers, this may help in the development of senior centers.

A holistic approach to designs – What if a senior living center was designed more like a small town instead of an oversized dormitory? By placing common amenities such as restaurants and clothing stores in close proximity to (or within) a senior living neighborhood, this may an attractive option in the future.

Accommodations based on behavior fitness – Not all senior citizens have the same health needs, so not all senior living centers should be designed the same way. Creating centers based on behavioral fitness instead of age will be a continuing trend.

If you are a developer and have legal questions about future senior centers, an experienced attorney can advise you.