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Competing claims for Charles Manson’s estate

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2017 | Estate Administration & Probate |

It is not surprising that little fanfare was made over the death of notorious cult leader Charles Manson when he passed away in October. After all, he was the personification of evil in America ever since he and several others were sentenced to life in prison for their roles in a number of murders in 1969.

However, like many celebrity estates, there appears to be a battle brewing over the rightful owner of Manson’s estate. According to a report, two people claim that Manson left his entire estate to them. 

An man who asked TMZ not to identify him, showed the tabloid news provider a handwritten (and typed) will ostensibly crafted in 2002 that gave the man all of Manson’s money, possessions and image rights. The man claimed to be a pen pal who had communicated with Manson since the 1990’s.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News reports that another man, Matthew Roberts, was provided a will by a friend of Manson’s in January 2017 that also gave him all of Manson’s possessions. Roberts is believed to be a child of Manson’s, although the competing will indicates that Manson disinherited his children, among other people.

It remains to be seen how the competing wills will be authenticated or whether legal action will be taken to establish the rightful heirs, but the story is an example of estate administration issues that can lead to will contests. In these situations, an experienced probate administration attorney is essential to make sure a decedent’s property is distributed according to his or her wishes.

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