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Helpful tips for children with stubborn elderly parents

On Behalf of | Oct 25, 2017 | Estate Administration & Probate |

In a prior post, we highlighted the likelihood that an elderly parent will spend their golden years in a nursing home if they had children. We wrote that those who had kids, especially daughters, were less likely to be moved to a home.

Even with that sentiment, there are a number of instances where elderly parents should take the advice of their adult children. While this might not involve moving to a nursing home, elderly loved ones may be set in their ways and may not listen to those who love them when it comes to maintaining a healthy lifestyle or managing daily problems. According to a study on aging, a large majority of adult children believe that their parents are stubborn about taking their advice.

Dealing with a stubborn parent can certainly be frustrating. This post will offer a few tips on what to do. 

Decide how important it is – If your parent’s issues are life threatening, it’s not in your best interests (or theirs) to waffle over whether you should take action. However, if the ailments are just annoying and time consuming, you simply have to pick your battles.

Realize that it’s not your fault – It is very common for people to develop health issues as they age, so there is no reason to beat yourself up about failing to take care of your parents when they refuse to take your advice.

Treat them like adults –While you may think that their decision-making is flawed at their advanced age, your parents are still adults and treating them like children can only make the situation worse.

If you have additional questions about elder law or estate planning, an experienced attorney can advise you.