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Common housing issues between millenials and baby boomers

On Behalf of | Aug 23, 2017 | Real Estate Law |

At first glance, baby boomers and millenials couldn’t be any different. After all, millenials revel in communicating by text message and email, while baby boomers prefer face-to-face conversations and still use telephones to call someone. Baby boomers tend to work for fewer employers over the course of their professional lives, while millenials feel comfortable with the “gig” economy.

In spite of these differences, millenials and baby boomers may find common ground when it comes to finding a home. According to a recent report, both groups prefer homes that are centrally located to transportation hubs, shopping and other attractions. They both prefer homes that have a number of modern amenities, such as customized backsplashes, their choice of cabinetry and floor colors, as well as wireless connections, even though their reasons may be different. 

Both groups are also drawn to social and cultural events within the community that bring them together. The recent solar eclipse is a prime example. Some communities organized watch parties and handed out viewing glasses and provided lunch for residents. Other communities have farmer’s markets and awareness programs to encourage interaction among residents.

These also suggest that millenials and baby boomers can both benefit from an experienced real estate attorney during (and after) the purchase process. A skilled lawyer can inform future homeowners of issues that may arise with homeowners’ associations and realtors and help them make informed decisions on a particular purchase.

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