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Miami is the first ‘sanctuary city’ to bow to federal pressure

On Behalf of | Feb 23, 2017 | Immigration Law |


Much has been said about the executive orders President Trump has put into effect in his first full month in office. The controversy surrounding those orders affecting immigration has garnered a great deal of controversy. The reported pledge to crack down on undocumented immigrants and sanctuary cities has many critics concerned.

In a prior post, we highlighted different options President Trump may take to enforce his orders; but as plans begin to take shape, it appears that some sanctuary cities may be bowing to pressure. After all, one of the options Trump may take involves the withholding of federal money to such cities. Last week, Trump signed an executive order directing the Office of Homeland Security to identify such cities and to identify federal grants that could be withheld if a city does not cooperate. Some municipalities do not want to take the chance of losing such funding. 

The city of Miami is an example of a sanctuary city that is choosing to decline continued status as a sanctuary city. According to a recent USA Today report, Florida’s largest city will cooperate with federal authorities in furthering executive orders regarding immigration. For years, Miami-Dade County authorities have refused to in local jails for federal immigration violations. But after the executive order was made public, officials have reportedly had a change of heart.

While some characterize Miami’s move as “caving to pressure” other cities, such as Chicago, San Francisco and New York remain vigilant as sanctuary cities. It remains to be seen what the federal government will do in response.