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Posts tagged "Commercial Real Estate"

The continuing evolution of retail centers

In our last post, we highlighted how retailers are trying to find additional ways to reach consumers given the proliferation of online shopping sites. Indeed, traditional brick and mortar retailers must adjust in a new marketplace, which means that developers and real estate owners must adjust accordingly. One way that they have met this demand is by giving consumers more than one reason to visit malls and shopping centers.

Is mobile real estate the next big thing in retail?

The commercial real estate industry is indeed in a precarious position. The rise of online shopping has essentially stunted growth in this industry, especially with retail outlets. But with every industry disruption, there may be new opportunities for growth.

What's causing the CRE slowdown?

When the main fundamental underpinnings of a successful commercial real estate market are flourishing (low unemployment, steady wage growth) you would expect that growth in the market would increase as well. However, according to a recent globest.com report, commercial real estate activity has fallen to a three-year quarterly low.

The importance of refinancing commercial properties

Making a real estate transaction work on a long term basis involves choosing the right property, making timely renovations and ensuring that financing works in order to make money on the right investment. This means that timely refinancing packages can be just as important as the property itself.

German real estate family makes initial purchase in Brooklyn

Much has been said over the past few years with commercial real estate investment by investors from China. However, as multifamily properties continue to increase in value, a purchase by a German real estate company is creating headlines.

Factors businesses should consider when renting or buying

Regardless of where a business is in its growth life, expansion has to be a question that should garner a great deal of consideration. Essentially, the location of a new storefront could have a huge impact on the business. Part of the decision in where to expand depends on whether the business will rent space or purchase a building.

How businesses should view the ACA now

It was imagined that repealing and replacing the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) would be a political layup last November. Fast forward nearly six months, and there was no vote in Congress on rescinding the Act because it was forecasted that the new law would not pass the House of Representatives and would be dead on arrival in the Senate. All of this with Republicans controlling both houses of Congress.  

Will private money lending grow in commercial real estate?

As we have noted in prior posts, the commercial real estate market in New York City is poised to grow in 2017. Even with such optimism, it is critical for lenders to properly vet potential investments. Similarly, this growth is also attracting private money lenders. There are several indicators supporting this trend. This post will highlight a few.

What to look for in commercial loan offers

The principal question as to whether an investor takes on a real estate project is whether the project makes financial sense. To do so, critical decisions must be made regarding the costs to renovate a property (or to build on an existing site) what type of revenue streams are expected, and what types of retailers will make the project work over time.

Starting a foreign business: business structures

Starting a business in a foreign country can be a profitable venture for a variety of reasons, but it can also be a complicated process. One of the most important steps investors need to take is to decide what type of business structure they want to pursue. This can greatly affect the investor's finances or business success. There are multiple common structures to choose, but they each have advantages and disadvantages.

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