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Foreign investors consider multi-family homes

If you are following the trends of real estate investment in the United States, you may be interested in how the changes in the culture play a role. The recent generations have not had an easy time finding meaningful employment, and as a result, many young adults remained in their parents' homes, delaying their own families for longer than past generations.

EB-5 is not the only way an entrepreneur can get a visa

If you are planning to come to the United States to start a business, you are certainly frustrated by the complex and uncertain process of obtaining an investor visa through the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program. You are ready to make a substantial investment in a U.S. project that will potentially employ dozens of people, but you cannot get your project off the ground because of the long delays in the EB-5 program.

Protecting your estate from litigation

While most probates pass without problems, you may have concerns that your estate may not be so fortunate. Perhaps your assets are complicated or your family situation is already contentious. Maybe some of the choices you have made in your estate plan are necessary but certain to cause conflict among your heirs.

The surprising breakdown of foreign property purchases

If you are considering purchasing real estate in the United States, you may be surprised if you meet resistance. The recent flood of foreigners purchasing residential property in cities like New York has some observers complaining. Apparently, foreign investors have lately purchased multiple single-family homes, luxury condos and even entire condo towers, driving up the price of real estate for Americans. Many of these exclusive buildings still sit vacant.

3 reasons you may have to contest a will

You may pride yourself on having close relationships with many of your family members. You may act as a confidant, caretaker, friend or other role needed at any given time. Because of your strong bonds, your loved ones may have discussed their end-of-life wishes with you or even asked your assistance when drafting their documents. Undoubtedly, you were happy to help.

Does your estate plan include assets in another country?

No matter how long you have been in the United States, a little piece of you belongs to your home country. After all, you probably have childhood memories and perhaps even family who still live in your native town. If you also own property there, you may have questions about how to include that property in your estate plan.

New York is a nice place to visit and a great place to live

One of the most visited places in the United States is New York. There is no comparison to the cultural opportunities for residents and visitors alike. Some travel to the city in the summer to enjoy the parks and festivals, and others love the winter for the holiday lights and shopping. Of course, at this time of year, with the leaves changing color, there are few places more beautiful. In fact, many who visit decide to stay.

Limited liability company: Does your startup include this option?

New York is definitely a hub of entrepreneurship in the nation. If you're currently developing ideas and plans of your own to make  your mark on the fast-paced, ever-changing business world in America, you obviously want to gather as much information as possible regarding current business statistics, as well as commerce regulations that may impact your personal business journey. Launching a business is a highly customizable endeavor; however, there are so many options available it's easy to feel overwhelmed.

Is your home still on the market due to Fair Housing Act breech?

The New York housing market fluctuates as do all other areas of sales and purchases in the nation. Some years, economists consider it a buyer's market while other times seem to benefit the seller. As an immigrant who has worked hard to build a new life in the United States, you likely want to implement all available options to successfully sell your home when you choose, for whatever reason, to relocate. The last thing you need is to face complications regarding real estate laws.

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