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April 2017 Archives

Must you be a U.S. citizen to own a business in New York?

Since childhood, you've had the dream of becoming a successful business owner. Coupled with that dream is another that includes emigrating to New York to build a new life for yourself and your family. Your business dreams reach far beyond your country of origin as well. In fact, you're hoping that, by investing in a U.S. business opportunity, it will help you secure a green card.

The basic reasons for will contests

We think of estate planning as a way to ensure that our heirs and beneficiaries have what they need in the event we pass away. While this might seem easy for those aspiring to leave assets, it may not be so for those who are slated to receive them. Beneficiaries may have very different ideas about what they are entitled to compared to what is articulated through a will.

Newly Developed Guide From City To Help Immigrant Business Owners

The de Blasio administration is taking steps to provide greater assistance to immigrant entrepreneurs in New York City. With almost half of the small business in New York City being owned by immigrants, this is a positive step that could greatly benefit those business owners and the rest of the city.

Continuing growth in the commercial real estate market

The start of 2017 had all of the required elements for a market slowdown. A new president, a  skeptical stock market, years of past real estate growth, and a teetering dollar. However, despite all of the predictors of a slowdown, New York City’s commercial real estate market has defied the odds.

How Will Trump's Buy American/Hire American Policy Affect H1-B Visas?

President Trump recently unveiled a new immigration policy that he hopes to implement via executive order. "The Buy American, Hire American" executive order is expected to be signed in the near future. Specifics of the plan are vague at this point, but some general ideas are becoming more apparent.

Estate planning mistakes that you should avoid

Estate planning is not as simple as you may think. After all, you are trying to plan for the future that does not always go as you think it would, and you are trying to make sure that your current assets grow and are protected so that your beneficiaries will not be harmed by expensive estate taxes. However, even those with the best intentions may make mistakes in managing their estate plans. Through this post, we will highlight some common errors, so you won’t make them.

Considering commercial real estate investment in the U.S.?

Many New York residents follow financial news, particularly everything related to foreign investments. You may already know that such purchases boost the commercial real estate market in the United States. Data shows foreign investments have grown over the years. Some say that the stability of commercial properties in this nation exceeds those in most other places around the world; so, many people think it's a good place to secure their money.

Factors businesses should consider when renting or buying

Regardless of where a business is in its growth life, expansion has to be a question that should garner a great deal of consideration. Essentially, the location of a new storefront could have a huge impact on the business. Part of the decision in where to expand depends on whether the business will rent space or purchase a building.

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